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The Chimney Cleaning Log - or CCL - is a compressed sawdust log which contains additives that, when burnt, assists in the breakdown of tar deposits in the flue. Recommended use: once every 60 burns.

Using the CCL on a regular basis has been shown to reduce creosote deposits significantly in wood-burning stoves and flues. Rendering the creosote more brittle and reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds in the chimney, the CCL makes subsequent mechanical sweepings easier, cleaner and more effective.

Whether using an open fire or wood/multi-fuel stove - with a brick, stainless steel or lined chimney - regular use of the CCL is also an effective way of preventing chimney fires. This means that it can even help to reduce your home insurance premium!
[check with your insurance provider]

  • The CCL has been independently tested by OMNI-test laboratories for its chimney cleaning capabilities
  • Use every 60 fires or as needed
  • No mess, no tools, no hassle - an easy, effective way to help maintain a clean flue and avoid chimney fires
  • Use of the CCL does not affect other manufacturer's warranties on stainless steel flue products
Pre-CCL Treatment
15 days after CCL

Please note that the CCL does not take the place of inspection and professional cleaning by a qualified chimney sweep.

Rather, it should be seen as a useful supplement to help maintain a healthy, efficient and safe fireplace in-between sweeps.

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