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Compressed Sawdust
"Eco Logs"



These logs, made from compressed, dry sawdust (with no additives) are a good, environmentally sound alternative to coal or other solid (fossil) fuels. They are especially useful if you do not easily have access to a source of sustainably sourced firewood.

The manner in which they are made means that the logs are highly efficient and clean-burning:

  • The sawdust particles are collected as a waste product from sawmills and, using no additives, are bonded under high pressure
  • In common with all properly dried wooden fuels, the logs burn cleaner and hotter than coal
  • They have a very low moisture content and will not leave any tarry deposits in the flue
  • Their unifom composition means that they do not spit or spark when burnt
  • Produce very little ash
  • Compact and easy to store

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