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'Burner' Firelighters



These simple, clean and easy-to-use 'Burner' firelighters have all the advantages of solid firelighters, but none of the drawbacks. Each firelighter is self-contained within an individual sachet:

  • This means that volatile, often harmful components (e.g. kerosene) do not leach into your surroundings or your clothes, or evaporate before you have time to light it
  • It also means that the use of harmful acids to ‘harden’ the firelighter (as occurs with conventional solid firelighters) is avoided
  • They can be readily used for outdoor activities, since they are easy to transport and portion out appropriately

‘Burner’ firelighters have a number of additional advantages:

  • A low flame height that releases the heat close to the fuel and not into the air
  • The large surface area of the sachet means that it burns at a very high temperature and does not become clogged with ash - the 'Burner' firelighter is odourless, has a high flash point (>65°C), and does not contain any hazardous solvents
  • Even if the ‘Burner’ Firelighter has become damp or wet, it will still easily light (simply dry off the surface of the sachet before igniting it)
  • Fully certified to all relevant EU and UK safety standards in respect of chemical composition, ease-of-handling, labelling, and environmental aspects
  • Burning time: 8-10 minutes





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