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Chimney Sweeping & Nest Removal
It is important to make sure that chimneys are swept for built-up soot on a regular basis - preferably at least once a year. This helps to prevent hazards like chimney fires and/or dangerous fume emissions inside your home or work place.
Using the latest techniques and equipment, MCSGS will quickly, efficiently, and safely sweep your chimney. Obstructions such as birds' nests or other debris are of course also removed at the same time.

Flue, Chimney Pot and Cowl advice & fitting
A fireplace is about more than what is just visible. It is also important to consider the state of your flue (and how often it will require sweeping), what kind of chimney pot is most suitable for your needs, and how best to fit cowling that keeps birds away and maintains a good flow of air. MCSGS will be happy to advise you on all your needs!

Anti Bird/Vermin Cowls and Anti Downdraught Cowls

MCSGS has a range of cowling available to repel birds and other vermin (in particular, jackdaw nests are a recurring problem for many). In other cases where fires tend to smoke back into the room, it is possible to fit cowling that helps prevent downdraught. This is not only conducive to a better-burning, more efficient fire - it also helps to keep flues ventilated and dry.


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